About Marikina City Health Office

The Marikina City Health Office (Marikina Healthy City Center or MHCC) is a testament to the City's prominence as a healthy city advocate and an affirmation on its commitment on maintaining an excellent reputation in various health endeavors. Situated in the business and government center of the City, this 6-storey edifice serves as the pivotal point of health care services. It is where preventive and curative services meet.

Among the services provided by the Center are health exhibit and educational forum, general medical and dental check-up, specialty clinics, health services for the elderly and the youth, rehabilitation services for disabled and special children, blood donation, nutrition counseling and family planning services. It also houses the City Health Office, the main administrative office for public health services.

Inaugurated in July 25, 2008, the MHCC is one of the modern landmarks of Marikina that epitomizes being a healthy city.


Providing health care services to the community particularly the poor and vulnerable groups (lactating mothers, malnourished children, school children, pregnant mothers, etc.) so that they can contribute actively, productively and participate meaningfully in community life, practicing healthy lifestyles.


A united, cooperative and highly professional staff of health care delivery workers whose focus and passion is to help the community become a conducive, healthful and productive environment using the most modern technology and health care delivery systems to respond to the needs of its members, thereby making the CHO a model office that is respected, trusted and recognized by the officials and loved by the community.

Clinical Laboratory

Complete Blood Count

Blood Chemistry

Sputum Microscopy

Urinalysis & Fecalysis

Gram Stain

Drug Test

Slit-skin Smear

Semen Analysis


Population Management Office

Family Planning

Provision of Contraceptive

Responsible Parenthood

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Ambulatory Surgical Clinic BTL / NSV

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cough Center

Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)


TB Quality Assurance Center

Quality of smear microscopy service in NTP laboratory network

Dialysis Center

Dialysis Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Diagnostic Services




Blood Chemistry

Medical and Dental Clinic

General Medical & Dental Check-Up

Pre-Employment Evaluation

Multi-Specialty Services

Senior Citizen’s Clinic

Geriatric Services

Social Activities for the Elderly

Wellness Center

Health Zone

Healthy Lifestyle Interactive Exhibits

Health Education Center

Center for Special Children

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Motor Development

Satellite Treatment Center

Screening and Evaluation of DR-TB

Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Adolescent Health Center

(Marikina Youth Health and Adolescent Wellness Center)
(13-14 years old)

Reproductive Health Concerns for Youth

General Health Education and Counseling For Youth

Nutrition Center

Dietary Counseling

Cooking Demo

Nutrition Planning and Management

Blood Station

Blood Typing

Blood Donation Program

Blood Issuance

Social Hygiene Clinic

STI / HIV-AIDS Lectures

Voluntary Counseling & Testing on HIV/AIDS

Smearing to MARP’s every 14 days

RPR / HIV Testing

Marikina City Satellite Treatment Hub

HIV Screening

Outreach MSM, TG & YKP

Treatment for HIV Patient

Animal Bite Treatment & Adult Vaccination Center

Anti-Rabies Vaccination



Adult Vaccination

Breast Health Care Center

Breast Examination

Early Screening and Treatment


Eye Center

Eye Examination

Cataract Operation


Other Eye Diseases

Healthy City Operation Center

Study Tour

Healthy City Coordinating Center

Health Information Resource Center

Environmental Health and Sanitation

Issuance of Health Certificate

Issuance of Sanitary Permit to Operate

Issuance of Burial, Cremation & Exhumation Permit

City Health Office

Office of the City Health Officer and Assistant City Health Officer

Admin Services

Technical Section

Central Supply Section

Computer Room